Treasures in sunflowers

There is a substance in our body that aids us in digesting fats, helps us remember more easily and protects our liver from disease. This wonderful substance is lecithin, a natural component found in almost every cell in our body. Because lecithin has a lipidic nature, it contains, among others, various compounds consisting of fatty acids.

Without lecithin, it’s hard to be healthy

Remember that a properly functioning organism needs at least 2 to 2.5 grams of lecithin every day, although ideally, the dose should be 6 grams.

Lecithin acts like a natural “sweeping brush” as it helps to digest fats so that they do not build up on the walls of blood vessels or in the form of “fat rolls”.

Consequently, lecithin lowers cholesterol levels, prevents the formation of gallstones and protects the liver against cirrhosis.

Thanks to its choline content, it stimulates the nervous system, which in turn improves concentration and facilitates memorising. Lecithin is also useful for regenerating the body after great physical effort.

Health straight from the field

Of course, nature took care to enable us to supplement lecithin, so that we do not lack it in our bodies. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consume products containing lecithin.

These are egg yolks, liver, wholegrain bread and nuts. Above all, however, we will find it in sunflower seeds, soya oil and rapeseed oil.

Yes, that’s right. The yellow, picturesque fields of sunflowers are not only beautiful, but they are also a natural source of lecithin, a much-needed substance.

Lecithin, an ingredient in Bee Okay jellies, is extracted from sunflower oil.

In this way, one Bee Okay jelly supports our body in many different ways.

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